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Things to do – Locally; Glenribbeen

Some history of the immediate area.
We’re on land that was ‘given’ to a Colonel (O’Brien) to separate the lands of Lismore Castle and those of the Kean family of Cappoquin (O’Kean being the Irish name bastardised into Quinn so Cappo (head) Quinn. (One mile distant – made famous for making cannon for Napoleon War – later turned to plough shares – s’true!) The grenade was invented there too.

2miles away Lismore was once a University City – 3 universities and 29 churches Vikings and British tourists put an end to that nonsense. Hildagard von Bingaam and Richard de Couer are past pupils as is of course Robert Boyle – father of Modern Chemistry. Born and raised in Lismore Castle – which contains the great Pugin Hall finest example of it’s kind in Ireland. But that’s two miles away. Next door (well across the stream if Salterbridge House – Bought by Admiral Jellico – hero of the Battle of the Skaggerack which ‘won the north Sea’ for the allies. Behind us in Mount Melloray Cistercian monastery-(Trappists – though they don’t make their own beer 😦

In front of us is the Hutpool on the Blackwater River – the last hole for the salmon to lie before they make the October trip up stream. It used to be normal to net hundreds of salmon there on each tide.
3mls away is La Fanta – so called because Walter Raleigh had captured (butchered the crew) a boat of that name and hid it behind the small island that now bears the name. The boat too was butchered and sold off in lots.
Just how far out from Glenribbeen do you want me to go – just past La Fanta is Affan the scene of the last pitched battle between Irish forces (until the civil war) and the last battle on Irish or British soil and there’s a wonderful love story , tale of intrigue and battle and a monster-mall rally by O’Connell at the same spot.
Oh and the land was owned by Valentine (The Stroker) Greatrakes THE most famous spiritual healer in these islands – even though he had been a Cromwellian Captain possibly Colonel. Healed thousands that came in ships from London to Youghal in 1666 – neither he nor his family nor any inhabitant of Youghal suffered from the plague in spite of the masses descending on it looking for The ‘Stroker’.


Lismore MONTHLY EVENT GUIDE This is just a sample and we can’t always keep it up to date. If we don’t get the information we can’t post it but if you’re interested we will find out before you arrive – if you ask.


July Events

Sunday 1st July
β€’ National Play Day – Millennium Park, Lismore. Free family fun – 2.00pm – 4.00pm
Tuesday 3rd July
β€’ Lismore Castle Arts – 1st Tuesday Lecture. Sean Kissane on Josephson and
Contemporary Sculpture. 7.00pm. Tel: 058 54061 for bookings
Wednesday 4th July and 11th July
β€’ Sonas – St. Michael’s Hall Ballyduff. A night of traditional music and dance.
8.30pm. Bookings 058 54975
Thursday 5th July
β€’ Traditional Music Session – The Classroom Bar every Thursday night
Friday 6th July
β€’ Tea Dance in Community Centre Tallow 9.00pm
Saturday 7th July
β€’ Music in Lismore House Hotel
Sunday 8th July
β€’ Lismore Farmers Market (every Sunday in July)
Tuesday 10th July to 13th July
β€’ Lismore Design Workshop – Stop Animation Workshop for children aged 7+.
Contact Angela at 087 3170827
Thursday 12th July
β€’ The Red House Bar – Medicine Sessions 9.00pm
Saturday 14th July
β€’ Lismore House HotelHo mHhhhhHotel Music
Sunday 15th July – 18th July
β€’ The Robert Boyle Summer School – a four day summer school to celebrate the life
and works of Robert Boyle see or Tel: 058 54975
β€’ Munster Fleadh Dungarvan until 22nd July
Wednesday 18th July
β€’ Booley House, St. Michaels Hall Ballyduff – Traditional music and dance 058 54975
Thursday 19th July
β€’ The Design Workshop Art Attack – Art classes for children 11am – 12pm 087
Saturday 21st July
β€’ Music- Lismore Hotel
Monday 23rd July Friday 27th July, Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd August
β€’ MOCHUDA CAMP – Lismore Heritage Centre 058 54975
Wednesday 25th July – Sunday 29th July
β€’ Lismore Golf Club Open Day
Saturday 28th July
β€’ Storytime at Lismore Castle – 10.30 11.30am (058) 54061


The ‘Kitchen Hole’ – The Blackwater River near Glenribbeen.

Thursday 1st March

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session April – Oct.

Saturday 10am – 2pm

Archery lessons at Glenribbeen

Saturday 3rd March

Sunday 12pm – 4pm

Archery lessons at Glenribbeen

Lismore House Hotel – Music

Villiarstown -MusicΒ  Session 4-6pm

Tuesday 6th March

Admission: €4.80 & €4.50 concession

β€’ Lismore Castle Arts – Matthew Jebb, Director of the Botanic Gardens


Thursday 8th March

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session

β€’ Red House Bar – Medicine Sessions 9pm

Friday 9th March

β€’ Red House – Texas Hold em 9.30

Saturday 10th March

Archery lessons at Glenribbeen

β€’ Lismore House Hotel – Music

Thursday 15th March

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session

Saturday 17th March – St. Patrick’s Day

β€’ St. Declans Way Walk – Ardfinnan Walking Group

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session

β€’ Lismore House Hotel – Music

β€’ Red House Bar – Music

Sunday 18th March

β€’ Devonshire Day, Lismore Castle, Immrama

Thursday 22nd March

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session

Friday 23rd March

β€’ Red House Bar – Texas Hold-em 9.30pm

Saturday 24th March

β€’ Lismore House Hotel – Music

Sunday 25th March 10:00 – 13:00

Archery lessons at Glenribbeen.

Thursday 29th March

β€’ Classroom Bar – Traditional Music Session

Friday 30th March

β€’ Lismore Castle Arts – Artifice Schools Exhibition

Saturday 31st March

β€’ Lismore House Hotel – Music

β€’ Lismore Castle Gardens Open – Weekends only for April



T: 058 54975

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