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Archery Blogg – Archery Through the Ages.

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Glenribbeen Archery has moved on and while still offering 1-on-1 lessons in archery (and traditional Irish music) since the accommodation has closed I now have a new business teaching medieval archery and telling stories based on the 30+ arrows I have dating from Mesolithic to 16th century. Each different and each with a different story.

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Deirdre decided to be daring



All ages catered for.












Families or individuals everyone gets 1-on-1 coaching.








Chain mail and copper wrist-band, a handful of arrows and a bow – ready to go.


Early archery

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This is a blog – I intend to keep a little separate from the others as I hope to expand upon it and add photos and videos as I progress.

I’ve only recently started making my own bows and arrows – trying to appreciate the problems faced by ancient peoples in doing so and to learn more about the history of archery.

For bookings, lessons or sales call 00353 (0)866017176 or email; pfiddle at gmail. com




My first flint-head arrow.


Archery bits n pieces

Archery bits n pieces

Flint arrowhead 003 2013-02-03 006 

A little high

Glenribbeen garden-lessons

Daragh gets tip-hand-elbow in one line - almost !

Darragh bring home the bacon.

Darragh bring home the bacon.

Sighting his rightsSelection of arrowheads - different periods.Archery-traffic-sign-recycled-paper-on-white-background