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TripAdviser comments: Glenribbeen + Archery in Waterford Museum.

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Glenribbeen Eco Lodge – +35354499 or call Peter direct on +353866017176

Glenribbeen Eco LodgeTripAdviser comments


“Friendly, Quiet, and Great Food!”

Reviewed 8 November 2011

We were greeted with a toasty warm wood stove going, and Els right away brought out some tea and cookies, which we enjoyed by the fire while reading their many books about Ireland and the local area. The lodge is very tastefully decorated, without all of that stuffy Victorian pink lace and doily decoration you can typically find in a B&B. Upon reading the other reviews, I have to agree that the breakfast was amazing. Our first morning we had Dutch pancakes with rashers and maple syrup. I’m still dreaming of it. Second morning we had the baked eggs, which were also fantastic. And the coffee was strong and delicious, a serious concern of ours in a country that drinks a lot of tea.

Peter is an incredibly interesting man and he would come out in the morning to talk to us while we waited for breakfast. I could have sat there all day listening to him (and eating Els’s pancakes). He recommended several things for us to see and do, while giving us mini history lessons in everything from the Titanic to why they drive on the left side of the road. I wish we made some time for an archery lesson with him.

The whole place is very clean and everything has been thought of in an eco-conscious way. Yes, the bed is creaky as are the floor boards. We got used to it after our first night. Once you convince yourself it’s all part of the charm, you start to roll with it. The surrounding countryside is totally quiet and peaceful. A squeaky bed is a very small price to pay for a fantastic stay in a beautiful location with great hosts and insanely delicious breakfasts. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Make sure you get a chance to feed the hens some grapes!

  • Stayed November 2011, travelled as a couple



“Lovely would definately recommend Baked Eggs for breakfast!”

Reviewed 25 August 2011

I stayed at the Lodge as we were attending a wedding locally, our room was lovely clean and bright there was everything you need hairdryer, kettle, books, local guides etc right down to a chocolate snack biscuit on a tray and a carafe of water, we were asked what we would like for breakfast and as a I don’t eat meat I have gotten used to beans on toast with a tomato thrown in but as Els and Peter are vegetarians I received a wonderful plate of fresh fruit garnished with flowers, followed by the house special of baked eggs delicious! fresh orange, breads, cereals you name it the choices. I work in Tourism and I was very impressed with the hospitality and service received, B&B prices were very reasonable.

  • Stayed August 2011, travelled as a couple




“Wonderful hospitality in a beautiful place. Top notch!!!”

Reviewed 14 August 2011

Peter and Els are wonderful people and right from the moment we met them, I knew we made the right choice of a place in Lismore. Their home is in a beautiful setting a short distance from the town of Lismore and quite an experience with gardens, hens, two wonderfully friendly dogs and within an easy walk to a river where the salmon fishers are busy. The house itself has a wonderfully large and comfortable dining/sitting area where breakfast is served and where we often found ourselves spending time chatting with Peter and/or Els and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee after a day of sightseeing. We learned A LOT of history about Ireland and Peter let us read books from his extensive library…one of which we borrowed and will send back. I had thought the breakfasts were great up to this point on our trip, but Peter and Els really go over the top with beautiful presentation and extraordinary and delicious food. I guarantee that you will not get a better breakfast in Ireland!!! Peter and Els are very approachable and helpful. A couple of evenings, we picked up some meat to BBQ and Peter set up the grill and provided the dishes, etc… We never felt rushed in our time with them as they always seemed to have time for whatever need or question we had. The room was comfortable and clean and had a TV/DVD combo in it. I loved the snacks and waters! Overall a great experience and highly recommended!!!

  • Stayed August 2011, travelled with family



“BEST B&B in Ireland”

Reviewed 2 August 2010

From the moment we arrived we were in heaven, we were treated with such a warm welcome. Peter was always willing to chat and eager to make our stay as pleasent as possible.we ate amazing breakfasts- such good options on the menu with fresh fruit and amazing homemade brown bread on the side! the atmosphere in the lodge was very relaxed and we made the most of the amazing servies which the lovely couple provided such as use of their canoe, bikes, various fishing equiptment, instruments, books, garden hammock, kites and BBQ… Iv never even heard of such extras being provied in another B&B… expecially as its half the price!! we even had a 5 star hotel booked for the last night and cancelled becuase we would rathar the tranquil surroundings of Glenribbeen lodge!! they made our stay amazing, offering information, conversation and even lifts to and from the pub. would recomend it to absolutly everyone and cant wait to return.

  • Stayed July 2010, travelled as a couple



Experience Medieval Archery

Reviews from Museum of Medieval Treasures, Waterford.

TripAdviser reviews of Archery Through the Ages. & Waterford

Getting a strainght-line.

Demonstrating ‘Tip – nock – hand – elbow’ to create a straight line to enhance accuracy.

“Visit to the Medieval Museum of Waterford”

Reviewed 14 July 2015

I’ve had a delightful weekend in Waterford city and the Museum was one of the best experiences of all. However what really stood out by me was the archery lesson I got in the museum. The person ‘Peter’ who introduced me to archery was greatly animated which made it an altogether enjoyable experience for me. He managed to introduce me to some skills and I was able to shoot arrows successfully and this was all combined with his abundance of knowledge about the history of archery. His lesson was like a throw back into medieval times; no visit to the museum would be complete without an archery lesson!

Visited June 2015

Reviewed 7 January 2015

Waterford’s Museum of Medieval Treasures has a great policy of bring things to life and getting enthusiastic people in to show some real crafts and skills as practised in 9th – 16th century Waterford (Ireland’s oldest city). A famous glass-cutter is working in the foyer and below are figures from history demonstrating coin-minting and archery (have a go!!) as well as displaying wood and leather work and tools.

Visited January 2015


“wonderful museum”

Reviewed 19 July 2015

Interestingly laid out history of the area. Not just the usual dusty chronological arrangement. Best part for us was the medieval archery tutorial and lesson given just inside the door by a local savant, Peter O’Connor .

Visited June 2015


“Peter, the medieval archer, was the best part!”

Reviewed 4 August 2015

Visited this museum in July 2015 and the best part was meeting Peter, the archer! He’s stationed right at the front door, ready to give you an amazing talk about medieval archery and teach you how to shoot the longbow. He’s an absolute wealth of information and very engaging to speak with. I enjoyed meeting him so much I’ve taken to following him on his Facebook page “Archery Through the Ages”, where he regularly supplies interesting historical points and plenty of posts of his daily visitors at the museum. It’s obvious he enjoys what he does!

The museum was fantastic. It takes approximately 45m to go through with the provided audio guide. The Cloth of Gold Vestments from the 1400s are the highlight of the exhibitions.

Visited July 2015


“Medevial times bought to life”

Reviewed 23 July 2015

this is a great museum and shows what life in Waterford was like in the dark ages with great displays and live action such as the archery display with the long bow. well worth a visit. unfortunately we didnt give ourselves a lot of time as we were only intending to visit the Crystal factory and stumbled across this museum and teh viking quarter. I would recommend that you ive yourself a full day to visit these three attractions as well as Waterford city itself which is stunning.

Visited July 2015


“Interesting day out”

Reviewed 9 July 2015

Fantastic fun. We had a 6 year old and a 2 year old with us and they both enjoyed it. We got a guided tour from the Curator himself and he made it very interesting and quite funny also. There was also a man in the lobby who was teaching archery and all about different types of bows and arrows….needless to say that the 6 year old LOVED that! It only cost €14 for the guided tour, and we were able to go back around as often as we liked on our own afterwards.

Visited July 2015

House of Glass

“Thoroughly enjoyed!”

Reviewed 2 July 2015 via mobile

We visited here on Wednesday 1st July and on arrival, we were greeted by an archer. What a lovely and knowledgeable man! Very much enjoyed our chat with him and my husband loved the small archery demonstration. Then we had the luck of being on the guided tour with the museum director….what a treat! A pleasure to view the museum with a man so truly passionate about it…full of interesting anecdotes and stories. My husband is NOT a fan of museums….he came purely because I wanted to go. But he loved it and really enjoyed the tour. I would highly recommend this to everyone…in my eyes, it’s a must-do in the wonderful city of Waterford.

Visited July 2015


“Above expectations – better than Wford Crystal!”

Reviewed 31 August 2015

Was thinking about going to Waterford Crystal but realised how boring that would be. Ducked into the Medieval Museum and went on the guided tour. Found it highly informative and good fun. Archery lessons on hand for 5euro! Downstairs cave is great and the coin press is fun. Floors one and two have some interesting stuff but really do recommend the guided tour to get the most out of it. Our tour guide was really excellent, nice young lady, good humour. The shop is FANTASTIC with helmets and glass cutting live.

Visited August 2015


And release…

“never knew waterford was so interesting .”

Reviewed 26 July 2015

we were met at the entrance by a chap in medieval gear who offered to demonstrate the intricacies and development of medieval archery . what followed was one of the most interesting and absorbing 45 mins in a museum ever . the guide , peter ,was a mine of fascinating and enjoyable facts and figures coupled with an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject , all delivered in a witty and friendly manner. an expiring parking meter forced us to leave or we would have stayed much longer .
we returned the next day and spent several hours touring the rest of the museum .a well laid out series of exhibits explained by knowledgeable guides armed with lots of relevant background information meant we spent a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day .(still preferred the bows and arrows) . wonderful !

Visited July 2015

Proud Papa lll.png

“A Must-Do Experience In Waterford”

Reviewed 10 September 2015

Notwithstanding that we have been in Waterford on a few occasions since the Medieval Museum opened in 2013, we just thought it would not be worth the time.

Then, earlier this week, we were invited on a tour of the museum and thought we would see what’s on offer.

Well, we were very impressed.

This is much more than a museum; more a series of living history experiences that is brought to life by a team of passionate staff. As soon as you enter, the experiences unfold in front of you with archery demonstrations. You can even get an archery lesson for an additional €5.

Being on a guided tour will make a huge difference to your experience. Our guide was excellent and contextualised the history of Waterford against the backdrop of Irish, British and European history.

All the exhibits are presented in an informative fashion. The piece-de-resistance must be the gold-braided vestments and the story about how they were uncovered. We won’t spoil it by revealing more on here.

In conclusion, we thoroughly enjoyed our experiences at The Medieval Museum. It is great value too at €7.

Visited September 2015


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Web 3.0 and Accommodation Providers, some thoughts.

As we leave Web 2.0 and move to Web 3.0 companies will face an ever-more demanding public. Web 3.0 will involve the public, as never before, as setting the agenda for consumer goods and services. One must ask how can we as accommodation suppliers provide adequate choice and comfort to guests without compromising quality, safety and still maintain profits.

Note Web 3.0 is based on the idea that the Internet ‘understands’ the pieces of information it stores and is able to make logical connections between them that is to say machines will recover and retain information and ‘match’ our meanderings on the web with possible ‘wish-list’ advertising/articles in a forward-thinking way. Web 3.0 will troll pieces of information it stores and is able to make logical connections between them. This will ‘enhance’ the optimisation of one’s own search and that of the advertiser. According to Macmilliandictionary.  A precise definition of Web 3.0 is difficult to pin down, but most descriptions agree that a fundamental characteristic of it is the ability to make connections and infer meaning – essentially, the Web is going to become more ‘intelligent’.

‘With Web 3.0, it’s about the Web becoming smarter, getting to know you better from your browsing history (and all you’ve contributed to it during Web 2.0) and automatically delivering content to you that is relevant.’ (BIZCOMMUNITY.COM 13TH MAY 2010)

According to sites such as and

However the Harvard Business Review  makes the point that it’s not ALL about (E) Social Media; ( If you ask venture capitalists in Silicon Valley how they measure the success of business entrepreneurs, they would no doubt list off metrics having to do with fast growth: funding raised, people hired, customers acquired, revenue produced. The assumption is that company growth is good. But when it comes to social ventures, where the primary focus is impact (not profits), bigger isn’t necessarily better.


It’s Not All About Growth for Social Enterprises; by Kimberly Dasher Tripp  |   9:00 AM January 21, 2013.

Eco News and Gadgets

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I ofttimes find interesting articles on eco – gadgets that excite or interest me. I thought to share a few.


A Waterless Dishwasher You’ll Never Have To Empty

There are some chores I’ve just never stopped hating. Dishes are one of them, making the bed is another. Although we’ve got a fairly new dishwasher it still takes some doing to get me motivated enough to start the process. We have to be down to our last couple of forks. Even after they’re clean, there’s still the task of taking everything out, making sure it’s really dry, and putting it away.

Although using a dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand, it’s still a major consumer of both water and electrical energy in the household. But what can we do? Dishes have to be clean, and the only way to do that is with hot, soapy water, right? Wrong. The DualWash Bipartite Dishwasher is a complete reinvention of the humble dishwasher. Not only does it operate without water, it doubles as the cabinet so once it’s loaded, the dishes are already put away.


Image via Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek, and Halit Sancar/Tuvie

I know you’re desperate to know how it works (I was too), so here it is: Instead of hot water, the dualWash would use carbon dioxide. When the washing cycle starts, the carbon-dioxide cycle is activated, and supercritical carbon-dioxide  (liquid CO2) is pumped to the cleaning chamber. “Supercritical carbon-dioxide has a very low surface tension, meaning instead of beading up into a ball like water, it spreads out widely covering all surfaces,” explain the designers. As this review points out, should there be solid particles, the supercritical carbon dioxide is returned to carbon dioxide’s gas phase, and forces and stubborn particles into the filter. When full, just remove the filter and clean it.


Image via Gökçe Altun, Nagihan Tuna, Pınar Şimşek, and Halit Sancar/Tuvie

The great part is that this futuristic dishwasher has not one but two cabinet areas. Simply slide the door over the side that’s due for cleaning, while the clean dishes in the other side are on display. This concept is perfect for single individuals or couples, because it allows you to wash just a few dishes without the guilt of wasting water and energy.

DualWash uses the Carbon-dioxide cleaning rather than water-based cleaning as a reaction to the water shortages of coming decades. When the washing cycle is started, Carbon-dioxide cycle is activated, and Supercritical Carbon-dioxide is pumped to the cleaning chamber. Supercritical Carbon-dioxide has a very low surface tension, meaning instead of beading up into a ball like water, it spreads out widely covering all surfaces.

During the washing cycle, Carbon-dioxide flows around the machine and cleans it. For solid particles, Supercritical Carbon-dioxide is turned to gas phase and food particle filter holds contaminates. The filter can be removed and cleaned.


Environmental concerns drive innovation

zeolite technology;

Revolutionary new developments are rare in the home appliances sector, which makes the BSH dishwasher with Zeolith® Drying System all the more remarkable. The zeolite dishwasher won the inaugural German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU) awarded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI) in February 2010. This innovation promises to change the market altogether.


Award-winning zeolite technology

Our novel drying technology uses zeolite minerals to reduce dishwasher electricity consumption by 20 percent as compared with what were previously the most efficient appliances in the top efficiency class. All in all, our engineers have managed to halve the electricity consumption of our dishwashers over the last 20 years. Zeolite, a substance formerly used only in industry, adsorbs moisture and releases heat in the process, making it ideal for use inside our dishwashers. The hot air produced dries the load after the rinse cycle without any additional energy input.

Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Guest Book.

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Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Guest Book.

Hello friends,
The truth of the matter is…Glenribbeen is the most comfortable
Bed & Breakfast of all the B&B’s I have attended. I love really good food;
I like it presented beautifully and I love interesting friendly people….and that’s what I experienced at your B & B. And if you are still running Glenribbeen and I am able to get back to Ireland, you can be sure I would stay there.
After all…I wouldn’t want to miss Tess and Jodi….or the hens…….then of course, there’s yourselves.
Glad the studies are going well…I loved reading the paper on Ireland and downloaded it so I can read it again at my leisure. I’ve long believed that history is not what happened but what people believed to have happened or want others to believe happened.
I get a better sense now why…besides feeling in tune with Ireland..(which is logical) I always felt an affinity for Persia and Spain as well.

All the best to you and Els and Maarten…and of course..Tess and Jodi
and the hens. A fully recovered Justin Tyrone sends doggie waggles.
All the best…..Dylan

Note the reference to Persia and Spain is about an essay I’ve elsewhere on this blog – see college essays.




Page 17; 2011

Edited to protect the guilty :-)


Page 18;



Pg 19 a – b




Your Property Heading…Means More or Less Clicks.

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Your Property Heading…Means More or Less Clicks..


Sometimes less is better – or even the last few words – sell the joint.

App launched by BandBIreland for smart-phones

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Great new Apt for B&B seekers launched just in time for 2011 Summer season. A neat new Apt that’s a cross between a book and a website seems to be the reaction of anyone I’ve shown it to. Very easy to use and decent view-ability with the possibility of of using photo albums and  adding even more functions. Instead of seeing one static photo of a B&B when looking for a bed-night now one can view lots of photos – even video and go directly to websites and book – all from the comfort of home, car, castle, restaurant or wherever one finds oneself.Provides phone Nr (link to phone directly), e-mail – again directly and full website. More to come such as search by speciality (eco-accommodation, outdoor-sports/dog friendly) etc. To be recommended.

B&B Ireland Free iPhone App

B&B Ireland Launch Free iPhone App


B&B Ireland are pleased to announce the launch of their Free iPhone App, Ireland’s first B&B App in existence!


Click to Download Free B&B Ireland iPhone App

Use this App to find and book that perfect Bed & Breakfast in Ireland right from your iOS device. With over 1,100 fully Irish Tourist Board approved Bed & Breakfast properties in town, city, farm and country locations to choose from, we are certain that the app will have something to meet your accommodation needs. The app makes the perfect companion to assist you in planning your trip to Ireland. If you live within Ireland this app gives you access to 1,100 quality B&B’s right in your pocket no matter where you are on your travels!





B&B Ireland Free iPhone App Features

  • B&B Ireland iPhone App is FREE to download.
  • Search and Book over 1100 Failte Ireland Approved B&B’s in Ireland.
  • Ability to book a B&B there and then, directly through the app.
  • Or telephone B&B’s on your iOS device directly from the app if you prefer.
  • Email our B&B’s directly from the app.
  • Visit the B&B’s website for more information.
  • View B&B photos, descriptions, facilities, GPS (sat nav) locations, customer submitted reviews and Irish Tourist Board approved star ratings for each B&B (approved, 3, 4, or 5 star).
  • Search by map – allows you to find a B&B by location on the map. The app can show you all B&B’s within a radius of 25km, 50km, 75km or 100km of your current location.
  • Filter and sort B&B’s in your searches
  • Add a B&B to your favourites to allow you to quickly retrieve your favourite at a later stage.
  • The app provides useful information on Festivals and other events that are happening all over the country.
  • Full help section on the app to guide you through the entire process, making it easy to find and book your bed and breakfast.


Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

View our photos on flickr View our videos on YouTube

Thank you from all the team at B&B Ireland

Tips and Hints vis Running a B&B

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Always deal with negative comment – firmly but politely.

How to Manage Your B&B’s Online Reputation

Alice | June 22, 2011 | Comments (0)
 Image: Thanks to JpshuaDaviesPhotography on Flickr.comFootprints in the sand – will they be there forever?

Thanks to websites like Tripadvisor and the addition of ‘guest reviews’ to online booking sites, customers can now read more information about your bed and breakfast than ever before.

In many cases, this is a positive thing – happy guests are free marketing, after all – but what can you do when you receive a negative review on the internet? There it is, out in the world, for everyone to see. Will a bad review sink you bed and breakfast? The answer is no – but bad management of that review most certainly could.

Here are three ways to manage your online reputation and turn disgruntled customers into something positive.

1. Always respond

Ignoring this won’t make it go away – it’ll be there for everyone to see. Even if you think dealing with an unreasonable review warrants ‘not justifying it with an answer’, you’ll be wrong. Future customers will see it and, instead, they will assume everything it says is true. Or they’ll think you don’t care. Either way, it reflects badly on your bed and breakfast.

Don’t underestimate the power off one angry on voice on the internet either. Thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter, suddenly something small can become very big and be shared, reviewed and commented on by a huge online community.

2. Always admit mistakes

Sometimes it’s hard not to be offended by a difficult guest, especially when they’re being rather economical with the facts and the truth. But trying to adamantly deny what happened makes your B&B look as plaintive as the reviewer. If they’re right about one aspect, say so. It will make your reply worth more.

Make sure you reasonably – and not defensively – point out the facts and apologize for any misunderstandings before trying to correct something. Above all – even if you’re simply responding in kind to what’s already been said – always avoid personal attacks.

3. Always promise to be better

Remember the old rule in the service industry – the customer is always right. You might not agree with the personal opinion, but you must show that you have understood the grievance and have learnt something from it. This is the final straw for convincing a future customer that your bed and breakfast can be trusted.


How to Market Your B&B Online – Part One

Alice | June 13, 2011 | Comments (0)
Take your ‘market’ online

Such a huge percentage of holiday makers search and book their accommodation online that the internet has become the most essential marketing tool for bed and breakfasts. But there are also so many billions of websites – and accommodation options – out there that making the right customers and browsers find you can be a challenge.

Effectively marketing you bed and breakfast online can be broken down into three key points:

  1. Write good, inspiring content
  2. Have good, quality photographs
  3. Include all important information

In Part One, we’ll show you how to write good, inspiring content on your website or a listing website that will turn browsers into reservations!

Step 1 What Makes Your Property Special?

The first thing that customers will ask themselves when they look at your bed and breakfast is “why should I stay here?” so it’s essential that you ask yourself the same thing. You don’t have to be a 5 star boutique B&B with sea views to have something special – whatever or wherever your bed and breakfast, there are selling points. You just have to find them! Here are five ways to find your ‘unique’ qualities.

1. Ethos and hosts: Think about the service your B&B offers. It is a home away from home where guests can come and go as they please, or is the focus strongly on attentive, personal hospitality? Both these qualities will attract guests – just from a different market. As a bed and breakfast owner, you can also be a unique commodity! Do you have expert local knowledge because you’ve lived here all your life? Do you have contacts in the tourist office or at a restaurant? Let your customers know!

2. Location: There’s always a positive to find in your location. If you’re right in town, it’s the proximity of your bed and breakfast to amenities and sight seeing. If you’re in the countryside, it’s the views, peace and quiet and walking opportunities. Always emphasize the good things.

3. Style and facilities: What’s special about your house itself? Is it a historic building, with character and original features? Or is it modern and built with comfort in mind? Even things you think are too small to mention can be important to guests, so make sure you list all the conveniences you can offer, from a hairdryer and shower gel in the bathroom to coffee top ups at breakfast.

4. Target market: Thinking about who will stay at your bed and breakfast is a huge part of marketing. What is your property good for? Budget travellers and value for money? Family breaks or romantic getaways? Once you have chosen two or three specific kinds of customers, you can write your content for them. Don’t be shy about it – include a huge box on your website that says ‘perfect for walking holidays’ inside to grab their attention!

5. Breakfast: One of the main advantages a bed and breakfast has for customers of hotels is breakfast in the morning. A home cooked Full English will beat an expensive buffet of cereals and congealed scrambled egg any day – so emphasize this! Include a breakfast menu on your website, along with any special features like homemade jams or eggs from a local farm, and you’re on to a winning formula.

Step 2 Turn Facts into Content

Here’s an example of a good description of a property:

At this award-winning eco B&B, feasts of organic food, outdoorsy activities and lazy evenings by the log fire are the order of the day. (From Glenribbeen Lodge)

And a bad one:

We are a bed and breakfast offering B&B accommodation in London. Get BREAKFAST!!! EVERYONE WELCOME!!! Come and stay with us please!

The first description is very informative but also atmospheric – it lets guests know what they can expect from a stay at this B&B, as well as highlighting five important features – award-winning (target market), eco-friendly (ethos), organic food (breakfast), outdoor activities (location) and log fires (style). The second, however, is not specific enough – there is no information which makes it special and it won’t make the majority of readers keep going.

Here are three ways to use your facts well as content:

  • Busy people want to see information at a glance on the internet. Long paragraphs of beautifully written prose won’t sell your bed and breakfast to customers – short sentence, bullet points, numbered lists and boxes with key words are all easy ways to get your message across.
  • Make sure your content sounds professional, too. It’s easy to check grammar and spelling in a word processing program, but you’d be surprised how many bed and breakfasts leave in terrible spelling errors!
  • Too many capitals and bolds can also be distracting – you shouldn’t need to highlight certain words on the page, everything you have written should be interesting and informative!

Step 3 Avoid The Traps

There are some cliches which it’s easy to fall into when trying to describe your bed and breakfast – especially if marketing and writing aren’t your strongest points, or you just feel a bit uncomfortable having to ‘sell’ yourself and your home. Here are some of the top things to avoid:

  • Don’t repeat the same words or fact over and over again – it’ll sound desperate, not emphatic
  • Don’t state the obvious like ‘for business and pleasure’ – most bed and breakfasts welcome tourists and business travellers, it’s only worth mentioning if you have specific facilities such as desks and WiFi in every room or conference amenities
  • Don’t use ‘very’, ‘truly’ and ‘perfect’ unless you can really back it up – one person’s perfect is another’s nightmare!
  • Don’t use informal and meaningless adjectives like pretty, pleasant and tasteful – be more specific about why you would describe your B&B that way

How to Market Your B&B Online – Part Two

Alice | June 20, 2011 | Comments (1)

Last week we got you started on marketing your bed and breakfast online with tips for writing great content on your website so you can sell your B&B to the right readers on the internet.

Today, we’re going to talk about important information and why this is essential for marketing your B&B successfully! The first step is to think about what you need to know before you book a holiday. Would you be comfortable making a reservation without knowing the cancellation policy first? Of course not!

#1 Keep it clear

As we already mentioned in part one, keeping information clear and easily visible on your website is essential to turning browsers into buyers. Important information should be structured so that there is:

  • A clear link from the home page
  • At-a-glance information, not a complicated paragraph

#2 State your policies

All bed and breakfasts have different policies regarding things like pets, children, drinking and smoking in their house. Some owners think that stating, for example, that you don’t allow children will create a negative impression – but its much better to make it clear from the start than end up with disappointed guests on your doorstep!

Don’t forget about that target market, too – if you don’t allow children, this could make your bed and breakfast more attractive to couples looking for a quiet or romantic weekend away.

#3 What is important information?

You must keep in mind what guests think of as important, as well as yourself! It might be great to describe every inch of a room or every dish on your breakfast menu, but sometimes the facts need to be easier to access. Here’s a checklist for what to include so that your guests are well informed – and satisfied – customers.

  • Cancellation terms
  • Check in and check out times
  • Contact details for you and the property
  • Driving directions
  • Nearest train, bus and airport
  • Parking facilities
  • Policies – pets, children, drinking, smoking
  • Accepted forms of payment
  • Bathroom types
  • Internet access and cost

Image: Thanks to Dudley Carr on

How to Market Your B&B Online – Part Three

Alice | June 27, 2011 | Comments (0)

The final piece in the puzzle of marketing your bed and breakfast online is images. Photographs can be the most eye catching part of your website or listing – so if they’re not done right, they stand out in the wrong way and can actually put off customers. Ask yourself a simple question – would you buy something or book it with no idea what it looks like?

Here are the crucial things which images add to your online profile:

  • A first impression – what impression are you giving? That this is a quality B&B or dark and a little scruffy?
  • Care and attention – how much effort you put into photos reflects your dedication to customers.
  • The real thing – customers don’t have to use their imagination and they won’t be disappointed when they arrive.
  • You and your B&B – this is what you have chosen to represent you and your marketing skills.

Photography Tips

  • A wide angle lens is key to capturing a good architectural photo
  • Use a tripod for steady, clear shots
  • If you don’t have a tripod, use a ledge or chair instead
  • Always turn on the lights in a room to avoid dark pictures
  • Need more help? Read how to take good bed and breakfast photos here.

What to Avoid

  • People shots. Customers want to see what your bed and breakfast has to offer, not other customers enjoying themselves.
  • Unflattering angles. A picture tells a thousands words – make sure they’re positive ones.
  • Mess or clutter. Always take a picture just after cleaning and tidying for a new customers when the room is at its best.
  • Believing less is more. One room might not be as big – but if you miss this one out, you’ll have disappointed customers arriving.
  • Outdated pictures. Does the room still look like the photograph? If not, take a new one!
  • Using the first shot. Take plenty and choose the best one instead.

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5 Ways to Make Your Website Fabulous

Alice | October 16, 2010 | Comments (0)

So you’ve read all about how to get your website started… now there’s just one thing left: make it amazing! BnB Edition shares five simple marketing tips to turn those online browsers into your next customers.

Images: The Bigger – The Better!

Uploading images of your property is an essential, but choosing the right pictures can really make a difference to your sales. They must:

  • be up to date
  • be high resolution (600 x 800)
  • be ideal size (400 x 300 pixels)
  • taken with a good quality camera and in good light
  • show all aspects of the property, including bedrooms and public spaces

Many B&Bs use only small or poor quality pictures in their marketing and we can’t stress enough how important it is for customers to see better images! Put yourself in a guest’s shoes – would you book this property without a good look first?

Escape B&B does everything right on their website… check out their excellent pictures of every room for tips! (editor’s note; they’re our pick of the month, too!)

Video: Add a Virtual Tour

Even better than images…. video! In the digital age, customers expect to be able to research their holiday thoroughly! A simple video showing a panorama of the property will show off the best bits much better than still images, and you really don’t have to be a movie director to put this together nowadays. Simple software like Sony’s Vaio Movie Story (which can be downloaded for free) helps you make one film out of several snippets and then it’s a quick step to get a YouTube account and upload the video there. Then, just add a URL for the video to your website.

Email: Contact Us

When you’re setting up your website, its essential for potential customers to have a way to contact you. The most popular way today (especially if these customers are browsing at work!) is by email, so you must include an email address which you check regularly. If you use WordPress to design your website, you can take it a step further and have a ‘contact’ link at the top of the page, which will have an automatically generated enquiry form. This helps prevent any customer emails being lost in your spam folders and keeps all enquiries together.

Customer Service: Use Your Personality

Many guests choose to stay at B&Bs for the hospitality and service, so capitalise on this with an “about us” section. Add your names, expertise and photos to give customers an insight into what to expect on their vacation. It’s also great if you can bring your personality (and that of the property) to life with the tone of the content and the colors of the website design.

Design: Stay Simple

Layout can be crucial to the success of a website. Although it’s great that you want to include as much information as possible, remember what can be seen by visitors the first time they click on the website and, especially, what they can see without scrolling down lower! At the top of the page, you should have at-a-glance information to show exactly what you offer, such as number of rooms, location and contact information. Once you’ve caught their attention, you can add more details for them to click on and explore.

Images: Thanks to Sarah G.. on 

With thanks to BandB Edition;