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Life-Coaching – and losing weight.

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Old news clip about weight loss in the 70’s  from; Life Coach Toolman – Harley Storey

They talked about the importance of diet and exercise, but the thing that shocked me was the people who had gained weight during the week, were made to sing a song about what hopeless undisciplined failures they were! 

Their 3 Massive Mistakes 

1. They tried to motivate people using will-power. 

2. They tried to get people to move awayfrom what they didn’t want. 

3. They tried to motivate people through making them feel bad. 

Fast Forward to the 21st Century 

Today we understand that programs which are full of positive messages that emphasize how great you will feel are much more effective. 

Notice the difference? 

In the 70’s: moving away from being overweight. 

Today: moving towards feeling healthy, fit and free! 

Imagination Proves The Point! 

Which mental picture would motivate you more? 

1. how you would like to look 
2. how you wouldn’t want to look. 

Yup – one lifts you up 🙂 
the other brings you down ;-( 

Flip Over 3 Massive Mistakes = 3 Secret Keys! 

If we reverse the Three Massive Mistakes, we get 3 Secret Keys: 

1. Use Want-Power Not Will-Power! 

Trying to motivate yourself through will-power often isn’t enough. 

Especially if you are using will-power to try to move away from something you don’t want. 

2. Move Towards What You Do Want

The first key is use want-power, and the second is to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. 

Move towards something positive, rather thanaway from something negative. 

Don’t focus on what you lose but on what you gain. 

3. Use Your Positivity

The third key is faith (not fear) based action. 

Rather than worrying about what couldhappen if you don’t, focus on what willhappen when you do!

What’s this got to do with the Values Tool®? 

When you know your values, you understand what motivates you! 

How Does That Work? 

The Values Tool® works like super clear washer fluid that cleans your minds windshield so you can see with greater clarity: 

* what drives you, 
* what you care about, 
* and who you really are. 

It gives you key insights into understanding what makes you tick and how to get a boost of energy and motivation anytime you need it!

For example, if you discover one of your core values is “Health” that will help to give you motivation to stay fit and eat well.

But rather than me rave on about it here, it’s best if you listen to the mp3, download the tool, and discover the keys to understanding,who you really are, and what you really need! 

Get Your Values Tool & mp3 Here!


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