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Home Thermostat – that learns your lifestyle.

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The reason we will put a pellet stove in our new home and not a traditional stove that burns wood, is simple.  It’s easier to use. We are fed up stoking the fire and cleaning the ashes from the grate – AND ashes from everwhere else in the room.

Most of that comes from the simple automation that is built into the stove.   Plus unlike a standard wood stove, a pellet stove allows one to set the temperature necessary to maintain comfort using a standard thermostat.

Using the stove means we use 1/2 tank LPG in 18 months.

There’s a company called Nest that has built a smart thermostat.  What makes it interesting is that it learns from how you use it.  Over time, it anticipates your needs (like turning down the temperature at 10 pm every night) and does it automatically.

Further, since it is Internet aware and wireless, you can control if from anywhere (i.e. from your smart phone).

Now, although this tech looks pretty simple, I suspect this device and others like it are the start of a big market for home automation. Essentially, smart systems connected to sensors around your home that makes running a home at peak efficiency, easier than ever.

Nest, with it’s ergonomic/simple approach to design, is certainly going to try to become a leader in this market.



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