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Sustainability – some thoughts;
A book called Cannibals With Forks by John Elkington (The Triple Bottom Line of 21st C Business – Capstone publishing 1997/9 and reissued ISBN 1-84112-064-7 paperback)
In the book Elkington claims to have come up with the term Sustainability when forming the London-based think-tank and consultancy in 1987 ‘SustinAbility’ however it is generally acknowledged that the Club of Rome’s (1972) book ‘The Limits to Growth’ was the first modern day use of the term as we know it.
(as defined However the group did come up with the concept of The triple mission of ‘foresight, agenda setting and change management’. – This leads in turn to the ‘core concept’ introduced in Cannibals With Forks  Elkington J.Capstone, 1999, of the Triple Bottom Line, against which “individual businesses and increasingly, entire economies will be held to account and have to perform as we move into the 21st century”.
Given that competition (and corporate cannibalism) will always be “one of the most driving forces in biological, economic and social systems, how can we get competitive corporations to switch to sustainable development”.  He goes on to explain that this has all the implications of the biggest furthest-reaching experiment currently on Planet Earth’ – furthermore the startling fact is that the interest of the world is guaranteed by the fact that the “future of 6-billion of today’s global citizens and tens of billions of their descendants ride on the outcome.
I can empathise a lot with the video The Story of Stuff
– we do our best and recycle 99%+ of our ‘stuff’ however as pointed out some of  what we ‘recycle’ is in fact un-recyclable – it’s a sad fact that while Ireland needs 1.23 earth’s to sustain ‘our’ way of living – USA needs 3.78 x earth – just a present day levels  – but it’s growing exponentially. Anne is right we need to think differently and education is the ONLY way to start – well that or total annihilation of humans. Something that Al Gore sees as ‘a way forward’ but far more worryingly the Christian Right see as the best way forward as then “The Lord Jesus will return and gather up the Righteous”. I am considered nuts by some – I’m not THAT nuts.
Raising the Flag

Peter & Frances Brennan raising the Flag


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