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Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Guest Book.

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Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Guest Book.

Hello friends,
The truth of the matter is…Glenribbeen is the most comfortable
Bed & Breakfast of all the B&B’s I have attended. I love really good food;
I like it presented beautifully and I love interesting friendly people….and that’s what I experienced at your B & B. And if you are still running Glenribbeen and I am able to get back to Ireland, you can be sure I would stay there.
After all…I wouldn’t want to miss Tess and Jodi….or the hens…….then of course, there’s yourselves.
Glad the studies are going well…I loved reading the paper on Ireland and downloaded it so I can read it again at my leisure. I’ve long believed that history is not what happened but what people believed to have happened or want others to believe happened.
I get a better sense now why…besides feeling in tune with Ireland..(which is logical) I always felt an affinity for Persia and Spain as well.

All the best to you and Els and Maarten…and of course..Tess and Jodi
and the hens. A fully recovered Justin Tyrone sends doggie waggles.
All the best…..Dylan

Note the reference to Persia and Spain is about an essay I’ve elsewhere on this blog – see college essays.




Page 17; 2011

Edited to protect the guilty :-)


Page 18;



Pg 19 a – b





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