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Smart Ways to Use Wind (or even micro hydro) Energy

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Smart Ways to cut your bills with Wind Energy


Posted by Murielle in green livingScience & TechnologySustainable livingsustainable living, 5 Oct 2011

save money with wind energy 300x168 Smart Ways to cut your bills with Wind EnergyImage by phelle (source: stock.xchng)

There are many types of alternative energy sources that you can use to help save money, and you will find that working with wind energy can be one of the best and most efficient ways to help you cut back on your expenses. You are able to obtain unlimited amounts of energy once your wind turbine is set up, and you will find that you can save a good deal of money thanks to the energy that you can generate through your wind power generator. There are many ways that you can cut your bills with wind energy, and these ways of saving smart can help you to save your money.

Free Energy

Rather than being dependent on the electric company for your energy, depending on wind power can be a great way to save money as you save the planet. Wind energy is completely free, and you will find that setting up your wind turbine allows you to produce free energy as long as the wind is blowing. This enables you to take your home off the electric power grid, and you will no longer need to pay an electric bill. You will be able to save a good deal of money every month by not handing it over the electric company, and you can invest that money in new ways to save energy with wind power.

Pump Water

Rather than depending on the city for your water, you may find that having your own well can be the best way to save money. Using your wind turbine to power your well’s pump not only gives you free water, but provides you with a free method of getting that water into your home. Pumping water from your well would normally take a good deal of electricity, but you will be able to save money pumping water thanks to the energy produced by your wind turbine.

Heat Water

If you don’t want to invest in digging a well, you will find that turning the power of your wind turbine into heat is as easy as installing an electric water heater. Cutting back on your monthly natural gas expenses is easy, as these electric water heaters are powered only by the electricity that is generated by your wind turbine. As long as the wind is blowing, you will have an endless supply of free hot water that will not cost you a cent to heat.

Power Lights

Outdoor security lights are a great way to keep your home safe, but they tend to consume a good deal of energy. Using your wind turbine to power your home’s safety lights is a great way to save money, as you can ensure that your home is powered all night without having to worry about electricity costs. You can easily connect your wind turbine to a battery, and all of the energy that is generated during the day can be stored to power the lights at night. In addition, your wind turbine will continue to turn during the night, and you will find that your lights can stay on all night thanks to the power of the wind you have harnessed.

Power Appliances

One of the main expenses in any household is the power consumed by the various appliances, especially washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and freezers. Rather than depending on the electric company to provide your kitchen with power, you can simply run new wiring that is connected to your wind turbine. You can also set up your own laundry room where all of your washers and dryers are connected to your wind turbine for free energy. This will greatly reduce both your monthly costs and the amount of time you need to spend drying your clothes every week, as you can simply pop them into your dryer and have it run off the energy generated by your wind turbine.


When it comes to working and saving money with wind power, the sky is the limit. There are dozens of ways that you can save money with your wind turbine, and you would do well to look into new ways of cutting you bills with the natural source of alternative energy you have at your disposal.

This is a guest post by M.H. M.H. is writing for Alternative Energy Geek, a site where you will learn more about how different types of renewable energy sources work in practice.



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