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Global Warming may be Caused by Earth Wobble.

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This is an article I picked up via  The Global Warming Committee on the Earth Tipping Point, posted on LinkedIn.

Strange and worrying to say the least. Some of the assumptions made are to my mind strange to say the least  (oil fuelling the earth’s core ‘heating’.) but some like the wobble are well known – what’s worrying is there is evidence that it’s getting more pronounced – according to the writer.


Willie McDonald • Global Orbit Decay
By: Willie McDonald

The events below were discovered by scientific organizations such as NASA, not by me! These events were discovered in the 20th century, and are occurring simultaneously, and are slowly worsening. Many of these events below have been occurring for less, than a millennium (LTM).

I believe they are now beginning to affect the earth’s climate. Greenhouse gases have nothing to do with global warming. Many scientists believe the sun plays a larger role in climate change, than first thought.

The oil company’s crude oil extraction process is causing less crude oil to reach the core, causing the core to cool, which causes the earth magnetic field to weaken, which is causing the earth orbit around the sun to destabilize. This link below proves hydrocarbons (crude oil, and methane) are be burned in the lower mantle, and outer core, and carbon materials are also ejected from volcanoes during eruptions. Carbon is a by-product of hydrocarbons,

If its not reversed in time all life on this planet will perish. Below are the reasons I believe the earth’s orbit around the sun is destabilizing, and is responsible for global warming. The heat from the sun will spread from the equator toward both polar ice caps as the earth orbit destabilizes. The temperature is always higher in regions on,or near the equator, than regions near the polar ice cap. The temperature depends on the location, not green house gas concentrations.

1. The sun is getting hotter, and brighter. It is possible earth is moving closer to the sun. (LTM).


1. The earth is developing a breach in its magnetic field. (LTM).


1. The earth is moving away from the moon. (Read last sentence above figure 11.).


1. The earth’s rotation is slowing down. (LTM).


1. The earth is increasingly shifting, or tilting on its axis. (LTM).


1. The earth is wobbling on its axis.


* polar ice caps outer regions are being melted by the sun, during each ice caps summer season, and the oceans are rising. (LTM)

A. You should know this by now.

People shade themselves from the sun, not from the greenhouse effect. You will never get sun burn, heat stroke, or skin cancer from the green house gas effect, beware of the sun.


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