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Medieval Glenribbeen !

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Glenribbeen Archery School has taken possession of 6 medieval – style war-headed arrows.

The archery school (Collage of Toxophilitry) has received 6 arrows mounted and dressed as in the 14th century. Some can, and were used for hunting and one is an amour-piercing ‘broadhead’ but one in particular is very unusual in that it’s specifically for cutting rope – probably rope used to scale walls or pull and position war-machines –   the likes of Humpty Dumpty (a “tortoise” siege engine, an armoured frame, used unsuccessfully to approach the walls of the Parliamentary held city of Gloucester in 1643 during the Siege of Gloucester in the English Civil War, was put forward in 1956 used in the English Civil War).

On left an armour-piercing ''broad-head''  home made. Right is a 'straight-flight- rope-cutter.

On left an armour-piercing ''broad-head'' home made. Right is a 'straight-flight- rope-cutter. Used in sieges and such.

A little 'light fair'.


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