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Make a bottle-neck (pipe) guitar slide

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Things to do.In no particular order.===============================How to Make a Bottleneck PipeBy Contributor Patti Perry, eHow updated: January 15, 2011

Find long necked bottles to make your own bottleneck guitar slide.Bob Bozman, of Guitar Magazine, says of bottleneck slides, “… there is absolutely no other way to get that voice-like singing tone, vibrato, and sustain characteristic of the slide style. Of course, closely linked to these sounds is the kind of bottleneck you use.” Different shaped bottleneck pipes produce varying sounds as they slide along a guitar neck. Practice making bottleneck slides from various sizes and thicknesses of bottles to find your preference. Gather a few bottles, as success may elude you on the first try.
Difficulty: Moderately ChallengingInstructions
Things You’ll Need:Glass cutterLarge nailRound fileEmery paper, wet/dry1Cut the lip off of the bottle, by scoring a line around the outer most portion of the bottle neck with a glass cutter.2Use a large nail to tap on the scored line from the inside of the neck until it makes a clean break.3Make another cut just above the shoulder of the bottle or at a point that produces the length of slide you prefer.4Tap it from the inside with the large nail head until it breaks clean.5Smooth the rough, cut lines with a fine round file.6Sand the cut edges with wet/dry emery paper to make them smooth and rounded.
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