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PC – gone mad!


Please address people accordingly

*Garden Boy : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist

*House Maid

: Family Environs Upkeep Manager
*Receptionist : Front Office Manager/Office Access Control


: Printed Document Handler


: Business Communications Conveyer

*Window Cleaner

: Transparent Wall Technician

*Temporary Teacher

: Associate Tutor

*Tea Boy

: Refreshment Overseer

*Garbage Collector

: Public Sanitation Technician


: Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer


: Practical Sexual
Relations Officer


: Wealth Distribution Officer


: Automobile Propulsion Specialist


: Domestic Operations Specialist

*Employee without Portfolio

: Administration Manager


: Food Preparation Officer

Do Not Forget


: Township Management


: Research Manag



About pfiddle

Fiddle teacher - mostly Irish trad. Fiddle, mandolin and concertina. Eco-warrior, won E.U. Green Flower Award for Eco Accommodation. Also Irish (Gold) GHA. Green Hospitality Award. Mad keen on self-build - especially straw-bale and cob. 55 with a full head of (slightly) graying hair. No tattoos or piercings. Fond of animals - but legally so. Fond of food - I eat nothing else. Vegetarian by choice, Irish by the grace of birth, Munster by force of (rugby) arms.

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