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Nissan Leaf – most eco-car

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Really neat site to find out everything about the new Nissan Leaf – th world’s ‘ most eco-friendly car’.  US price coming at around $25,500.

the awards continue. having just been named Eco-Friendly Car of the Year by, the Nissan LEAF™ adds yet another honour to its growing resume. to read more about the 100% electric, no-tailpipe Nissan LEAF, just use the link below.


General Warranty Statement:

Every US specification Nissan LEAF is backed by a New Vehicle Limited Warranty providing: 36-month/36,000-mile basic coverage; 60-month/60,000-mile powertrain and electric vehicle system coverage; and 96 months/100,000 miles Lithium-Ion Battery coverage. (Terms, conditions and limitations apply. See your Nissan dealer for complete warranty details and read the actual Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty.) For extra protection, you can also add Security+Plus®, the only extended service agreement approved by Nissan.

Electric Vehicle (EV) System Coverage:

The Electric Vehicle (EV) System includes, but is not limited to the following items: Motor, Inverter unit, VCM, Reduction gear, DC/DC converter, Onboard charger, Onboard charger connector, and Trickle charge cable.

Lithium –Ion Battery Maintenance:

Vehicle maintenance, including maintenance of the Lithium-Ion battery, is required as a condition of Nissan’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Battery maintenance includes performance of an annual “EV Battery Usage Report”. These include checks at 12 mos., 24 mos., 36mos., 48mos., 60mos., 72mos. and 84mos, which can be performed by a Nissan Certified LEAF dealer or any qualified repair facility. The 12 and 24 month checks will be performed at no charge to the customer, provided the work is done at a Nissan Certified LEAF dealer. Damage or failure resulting from a failure to have these required services performed, or that could have been avoided had these services been performed, is not covered under the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty. (See your Nissan dealer and read the actual limited warranty for complete details).

Lithium-Ion Battery Gradual Capacity Loss:

The Lithium-ion battery (EV battery), like all lithium-ion batteries, will experience gradual capacity loss with time and use. Loss of battery capacity due to or resulting from gradual capacity loss is NOT covered under the Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty. See your Owner’s Manual for important tips on how to maximize the life and capacity of the “Lithium-ion battery.” (See your Nissan dealer and read the actual limited warranty for complete details).

Complimentary rental car program:

For the first 36 months/36,000 miles (whichever occurs first), your participating Nissan LEAF certified dealer will provide the owner a complimentary rental vehicle when a warrantable repair is performed, subject to availability and the eligibility requirements. (See your Nissan dealer and read the Roadside Assistance section of your Warranty Information Booklet for complete details and eligibility requirements.)



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