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10 Blogs About Growing Food

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10 Blogs About Growing Food


1. You Grow Girl Written by author, columnist, and garden blogger Gayla Trail (You Grow Girl!,Grow Great Grub). You Grow Girl is hands-down my favorite garden blog all around, but particularly about growing food. Trail’s expertise growing food in an urban area (she lives in Toronto) is sure to come in handy for many of our small space gardeners, especially if growing tasty organic food is your goal. Between Trail’s excellent writing and beautiful photos, this is a blog that’s sure to inspire you to keep growing. (Toronto, Canada)(@yougrowgirl)
2. In My Kitchen Garden
Perhaps the exact opposite of Gayla Trail in some ways, Susan lives on 240 acres of remote farm land in Missouri. Her blog is all about growing and (even better!) cooking and eating your garden-fresh food. Be sure to visit her companion blog, Farmgirl Fare, if you’re interested in other aspects of country living — particularly cute photos of farm animals.

3. A Suburban Farmer
Chris McLaughlin is a garden blogger, author (The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting), and freelance writer who writes about ‘microfarming in suburbia.” Compost, vermicompost, and organic heirloom vegetables are a few of Chris’s favorite topics.
(Northern California)(@suburban_farmer)


4. Zone 9 Garden Blog
If you love a good “how-to” post and garden in a warm (no, HOT) climate, this is the blog for you. You can also find vegetable profiles here, as well as guides to help plan your planting schedule if you live in zone 9.
(Central Florida)

5. Urban Veggie Garden Blog
Dan gardens and blogs in Ontario. His posts are full of great information, and he has several informative tutorials posted for building useful garden items like poly tunnels, cold frames, and trellises.
(Ontario, Canada)

6. Garden of Eatin’
Amy blogs from the Pacific Northwest about growing food, and her blog is a wonderful combination of garden journal and recipe collection. If you’re wondering what to do with all of that food you’re growing, her blog is a great place to start.


7. My Tiny Plot
My Tiny Plot hails from Bath, England, and the blogger in charge has a very honest, no-nonsense tone to her posts that I really enjoy. While we’re not totally in agreement about everything (she says “garden organically until it becomes a pain” I say “garden organically.”) I enjoy both her writing style and the beautiful photos she posts on her blog.

8. DigginFood
Willi Galloway is a contributing editor to Organic Gardening magazine, as well as the gardening expert for Her blog is beautiful and informative, and if you like chickens, she’s got a few of those, too.
(Seattle, WA)(@digginfood)

9. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener
If you want to grow organic vegetables, and do it as inexpensively as possible, this is a great blog to check out. There are plenty of DIY projects here as well, from building a raised bed garden to making upside-down planters out of reused items.

10. Skippy’s Vegetable Garden
Kathy has one of my favorite vegetable gardens. I love looking at the photos of her garden, and I love that she not only shares the triumphs (perfect squash, beautiful carrots) but the travails of vegetable gardening as well (bunnies and squirrels are at the top of both of our lists…) What I like most about Skippy’s Vegetable Garden is seeing how much you can grow even in a small back yard garden.

I hope you enjoy these blogs about growing food!

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