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Dungarvan Country Show: Held very year in last week in July (except 2009 – rained off). Great fun and enjoyment for all the family. I strongly recommend getting there early to see the grooming of the animals for the “Best in Class” events. Seeing a 500kg bull being pampered and ‘fluffed’ is a sight to behold!

The Biggest Boy at the Fair

The biggest boy at the fair of Dungarvan

One of the many 'classic' tractors at the fair 2010


Golf: We have 3 competition courses nearby within 20kms (offering 3 for 2 rates !) around Dungarvan

as well as 3kms West of us the 9-hol Lismore Golf Club – right under the faery tale Lismore Castle.

For the more adventurous there is the famous Scottish school of golfing that we are proud to be associated with.;<a href=”“>Golf Instruction School</a><br />2 to 5 day golf schools for every standard of golfer, beginners to advanced with 8 PGA qualified professionals and a state of the art video swing analysis suite


About pfiddle

Fiddle teacher - mostly Irish trad. Fiddle, mandolin and concertina. Eco-warrior, won E.U. Green Flower Award for Eco Accommodation. Also Irish (Gold) GHA. Green Hospitality Award. Mad keen on self-build - especially straw-bale and cob. 55 with a full head of (slightly) graying hair. No tattoos or piercings. Fond of animals - but legally so. Fond of food - I eat nothing else. Vegetarian by choice, Irish by the grace of birth, Munster by force of (rugby) arms.

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