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16 ways to use old coffee grounds.

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Prelude to article;   5 websites that help with re-cycling. LINK Mostly U.S> related. But some good ideas none the less.

Stop! Don’t automatically toss those used coffee grounds in the trash – they have many more uses before being thrown out! While a cup of coffee (or 3) in the morning is great, the used coffee grounds can serve many more purposes around your house after giving you your morning jolt of caffeine. I have gathered up 16 ways to reuse old grounds that you may find quite useful (or surprising, as I did), but please do leave comments if you have more that I didn’t list…

1. Deodorizer – You can put them in a bowl in your refrigerator or use them to get rid of food smells on your hands.

2. Furniture scratch fix – A little water and some coffee grounds makes some nice brown stain for your scratched furniture legs.

3. Fertilizer – Your plants will love this addition to their soil, whether in ground format or made into a “tea” spray.

4. Worm food – No, not for the worms living out in your yard. But the ones in your worm-bin composter will love some coffee grounds!

5. Insect repellant – Tired of bugs making their way into your house? Try sprinkling coffee grounds around the cracks in your foundation.

6. Skin exfoliant – Not that I’ve ever tried, but you may want to try lightly massaging some dried grounds onto your skin to exfoliate!

7. Easter egg dye – Sure, they won’t be pink or blue, but they will be dyed a lovely shade of brown.

8. Shoe Deodorizer – Yep, dried grounds help to deodorize your stinky shoes.

9. Pet Groomer – Mix coffee grounds with water and you have a nice grooming solution that leaves Fido’s hair shining bright.

coffee 16 Ways To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds.

10. Household cleaner – Just like the use as a skin exfoliant, they can also be used as an abrasive cleaning solution around the house.

11. Ash reducer – Sprinkle some wet coffee grounds on fireplace ashes before you shovel them out to reduce ash flyaway.

12. Cat repellent – Neighborhood cats using your garden as a private bathroom? Coffee grounds can help keep them away (and of course, fertilize the garden too).

13. Pet flea dip – Dried grounds can help kill off fleas.

14. Kitchen drain odor remover – Boiling water and coffee grounds help to get rid of stinky odors.

15. Add shine to your hair – When washing your hair, massage some grounds through your hair.

16. Great compost addition – Add to compost piles/bins to help balance pH. If you use paper filters, they can also go in the compost bin.


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