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Reusable and washable car-filters.

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This week’s Do One Thing is about your car and the air that it breathes. Every car has an air filter that filters the air before it gets sucked into your engine to be combined with the fuel and burned to create energy. It’s vitally important that the air filter is clean, and that’s why the guys at your local oil change place always suggest you should replace it. Disposable air filters run around $8-$10 the last time I ever bought one, and as soon as they are filled up with dirt they get thrown in the trash. That’s not too eco-friendly at all! Instead, why not buy a filter that can be washed and reused over and over again? Filters like these from K&N are not only washable & reusable for the life of your car, but also increase horsepower and acceleration – kind of a no-brainer, really. Sure, they cost a little bit more, but you only ever buy one – not a few every year. So next time it’s time to replace your car’s air filter, look into getting a reusable one instead – and keep those disposables out of the landfill!


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