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This is a ‘fun – bread’ as it’s about the most simple (yeast) breads to make, it’s an ancient recipe and when kids hear that the Roman soldiers lived on it they gobble it up. LINK

It’s a nice mix of sweet and salty and another great thing about it is one can add just about anything to it – cheese, herbs, seaweed, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and remain true to the original bread as that’s exactly what the soldiers would have done.

Additional information – Spelt Flower is low in glutton. Rises more quickly than ‘normal’ flower but can collapse if proven too long – keep an eye on it! Once it’s doubled it’s original size bake it. (I put whole rock-salt on top).


Spelt Flour – – – – 500gm  – 1lb                    Fresh yeast – – – – 15gm   1/2oz

Sea Salt  – – – – – – 1tsp      –  1tsp                 Warm Water – – – -400ml 14floz

Olive Oil  – – – – – -3tsp     –   3tsp                 37º/100Fº

Honey – – – – – – – -1tsp   –    1tsp

1. Place flour in large mixing bowel.

2. Blend  the yeast into half the water (at 37º/100Fº) and add to flour.

3. Dissolve (most of) the salt in the remaining water and add to flour followed by the oil to make a sloppy dough.

4. Mix vigorously for 15mins with a wooden spoon.

5. Either divide the dough between two large greased bread tins, or, for a typical ‘slipper’ loaf divide dough and form into ovals on two large greased baking trays.

6. Dust with flour. (I dust with crushed garden herbs and the rest of the rock salt. Allow to rise in warm place for 15 – 20 mins.

7. Preheat oven to 180ºC/180ºF/Gas Mk 5 and bake ‘slippers for 35mins and tin-loaves for 40-45mins.

Note; I actually like to add rock salt &/or cheese just in the last moments before leaving to rise. Another note is that spelt flower doesn’t work too well (I’m told) in bread machines. Try half and half spelt and strong white flour !

More Spelt recipes Without Yeast. Irish recipe gan geosta.

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