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We saw the Dutch ensemble last evening – I’m still chuckling at the antics.

De Werldband are zany and fun but yet fantastic musicians. Do try get to see them – their DVDs are great too Els tells me. The Irish reel (complete with wailing electric guitars) will have you crying !!

Since 2005 WERELDBAND have conquered the stages of Dutch theatres and festivals with their musical comedy shows. Everywhere they go, they are greeted by wildly enthusiastic audiences for their comical style and extraordinary musical talent. The boundless energy and musical expertise transcends nationalities as well as generations. The six musicians present themselves as perfectly skilled comics, singers and dancers. Let yourself get carried away in a whirlwind of musical styles from all around the world from Spanish flamenco and Rumanian gipsy music to Irish reel and from Surinam kaseko past Russian music to the Peking Opera…

“This is the craziest band since Spike Jones, incomparable to anything in the Dutch theatre scene. It is truly amazing to see how many instruments are mastered by these six men. And how! This show is absolutely unique. They are the Marx Brothers of world music.”

The Gloves:- LINK Very Clever this

Welrdband FaceBook;- LINK


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