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Glenribbeen Eco Lodge Goes to Sea

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After recent success in gaining his Mariphone (VHF) Licence Peter has been enthusiastically looking to regain some experience at his former love – the sea. More explicitly on the ocean wave. His dreams seem to have fulfilled recently when the website have shown Glenribbeen Eco Lodge to be Ireland’s very first OFF-SHORE B&B.
Els and Peter are pleased (though confused) to add this honour to the already impressive list of awards and ‘firsts’ for their ground-breaking (!!!) B&B. Peter has been quoted as saying “though there is a history of boats in the family – my grandfather helped build the Titanic and my father was shipping manager for some small firms in Dundalk – I never really saw me actually running Ireland’s first floating B&”. He later added “of course I do have a Dutch ‘off-shore’ licence for commercial craft up to 20meters as well as experience on square-riggers and we have the Canadian canoe and a small sailboat we can use for groceries etc”.
Els simply wants to know “What about my garden?”.

The adventurous couple are thinking about now moving South in winter to “”Add a little extra for our Winter-guests.

A Life on the Ocean Wave,

Check out the SITE
And click on the photo of Glenribbeen Eco Lodge – go to maps.

Glenribbeen Eco Lodge - All At Sea.

“We hope too market this very selectively. Fáilte Ireland will now have to initiate a new category”. Quiped the ever ebullient Peter O’Connor. Master of the B&B Glenribbeen.


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Fiddle teacher - mostly Irish trad. Fiddle, mandolin and concertina. Eco-warrior, won E.U. Green Flower Award for Eco Accommodation. Also Irish (Gold) GHA. Green Hospitality Award. Mad keen on self-build - especially straw-bale and cob. 55 with a full head of (slightly) graying hair. No tattoos or piercings. Fond of animals - but legally so. Fond of food - I eat nothing else. Vegetarian by choice, Irish by the grace of birth, Munster by force of (rugby) arms.

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  1. Can I get a WAVER for the accommodation costs of every other night? I get a bit seasick…

    • Har Har Har – NO go buy some fresh ginger. It’s the main constituant of all new sea-sick pills. Or Els can cook Indonesian for you – voll van gember.



  2. Well done to glenribbeen – we’ll borrow a boat to visit soon.

  3. Congrats – love the blog BTW.

  4. P.McCarthy

    I knew you were all at sea Peter but thats completely tearing the a-se out of it dont ya think?…….

  5. Zijn de bootkosten verrekend in de overnachtingsprijs?


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