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Save the World -(AND perhaps get rich quick)

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Levi Srauss & Co. is holding a design competition to reduce the carbon footprint of their jeans—on the consumer end, at least. The company hired a third party to assess their products’ carbon footprints, and learned that “60 percent of the climate impact comes during the consumer phase,” mostly when using conventional machine dryers after washes. Levi’s Care to Air Design Challenge invites you to create a method or apparatus for drying jeans (and other clothes) that is “stylish, sustainable, and effective” and uses little or no energy.


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Air dry washing
Air drying your washing instead of putting it in the dryer is a great way to save energy. It uses no electricity or fuel, and can require nothing more than a laundry line. Many people, however, will find that a drying rack is a better option that a simple laundry line due to their location, space constraints, weather, time constraints, quantity of laundry or other factors.
Drying racks and clotheslines exist in every shape, size and type; you can buy a specialty rack or line system or use something as simple as a rope or a shower-curtain rod. There are smaller freestanding foldable and wall-mounted racks for use inside, and larger freestanding, wall mounted, and ground-mounted ones for use in a yard or on a balcony. There are even racks designed to fit over a bath tub or in a shower!
This bulk of this page describes the many types of clotheslines and drying racks (airers)and includes pictures, cost, and capacity (feed of drying space) for a large selection of products. The remainder of the page contains lists all major manufacturers and most of the large retailers of laundry lines, drying racks, and accessories. Finally, there is a list of links with information on line-drying techniques, and line drying activism activities (yes, there is a non-profit devoted to promoting laundry lines!)
The best way to use this site is to find the name of the product you want, and to then search Google or uses the resources listed at the bottom of the page to find the retailer in your country with the cheapest price and shipping costs.
All prices are in US$ and are approximate.
Happy hanging!


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