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Quick and dirty USB wifi dongle waveguide

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Quick and dirty USB wifi dongle waveguide

Dongle Broadband-receiver

This is a five minute fix to stealing neighbour net, it’s not that pretty but it’s simple and rather effective, plus it’s fully adjustable for angles of up and down, not just side to side.

I haven’t bothered with Db gains because if you’re serious enough to care about them then you’ve got the wrong waveguide, this will however take a just out of reach network and make a decent connection possible.
NB: Sharp edges.
Tips: For the edges of the can, one can get some model airplane clear fuel tubing, (or similar 1/8″ or 3/16″ diameter rubber tubing), slit it on one side and glue it over the rough edges. Also a slit can be cut in the bottom and the usb adapter slid to various distances from the apex to fiddle with the sensitivity and power. Also, a ‘square can’ offers a wider aperture and may pull in more signal strength.
use an adapter, (or a 14 dB antenna), free standing on a flat surface and then fold foil maybe 2′ x 1′. I fold the edges over in 2 1/2” folds on all 4 sides for rigidity, and then fold it vertically in the middle of the long side and set it on the surface. I use about a 135 degree opening and can just slide the foil to adjust the gap. I have also glued foil to, (for example), the cardboard back of a desk calendar and bent it to 135 degrees. I can aim these easily and fudge the adapter/antenna location easily. I also used a gorilla tripod and the lid of a large coffee can for a surface and worked off that. I like your can idea as it is rigid and stronger. Right now I have internal laptop wifi and don’t need the adapter, so I am not using reflectors. If you haven’t, check out for wifi antenna and reflector ideas. Also google or . I have never seen an arrangement like yours, so it is very creative and unique to me. By the way, Engenius and Ubiquity have infinitely stronger wifi adapters and they are not too expensive. I get a huge signal gain with engenius. The power is very high for pc or laptop, and reflectors make it all the stronger

For how/why reflectors work;


Unit in Jalalabad that allows one(??) to pick up radio and broadband signals


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