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New hope in oil slick clean-up.

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New hope in oil slick clean-up. 15th 06 2010.

BP has made some progress in its attempt to cap the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company’s undersea robots finally managed to place a cap at the seabed site of the leak after over 48 hours. However, the cap is only managing to contain some of the oil. It is hoped that the cap will facilitate the placing of further caps.

Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said that while the progess positive it was still only a temporary fix. “It will be some time before we can confirm that this method will work and to what extent it will mitigate the release of oil into the environment,” he said.

The massive spill is threatening hundreds of species of fish, birds and other wildlife along the Gulf Coast, which is considered one of the world’s richest seafood grounds. The livelihoods of hundreds of fishermen has been put in jeopardy as the no fishing zone has been extended as the oil as spread.

The oil has been pouring into the Gulf since 20th April when a drilling rig leased to BP exploded killing 11 workers. It is critical that the containment operation is a success as the leak is pumping 19,000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico. It is feared that wind and currents will rapidly spread the oil slick, wreaking further devastation to the environment.

Obama is coming under increasing pressure to manage the crisis. The White House said it was about to send the company an initial bill of $69m for the clean-up operation.

Several rating agencies have indicated that the oil slick, which is the biggest in US history, will do BP lasting damage. BP’s total financial cost of the response to the disaster stands at $990 million, and is rising.


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